The Writing on the Wall

Teachers are not legally able to use the students' bathrooms during the school day (you can guess why), but on a trip to wash my hands after school (what did you think I was going to say?), I recently was witness to the rampant defacing of school property that seems to be an epidemic in the girls' bathroom. I will admit that once my hands were clean, I roamed through the stalls of the restroom, staring intently at the walls as if searching through the ancient tombs of Egypt, changing from English instructor to archaeologist, trying to draw out clues as to how my students' minds work.

This interest partly comes from the famous graffiti artist, Banksy, who I have been a fan of ever since I lived in London because of his totally wicked tags (and his interesting anarchist attitude, of course).

This page is a documentation of the graffiti on my school's walls, both cliche and creative, at times offensive, but always an insightful look into the minds of middle schoolers. Maybe they're getting their start as the next Banksy, who knows?
Face your problems, you ______! Don't facebook your problems!

Yes, I like him- No, I <3 him- Actually, I'm not either of those things. I'd die 4him.

Yes, life's an option, but death isn't a choice. Love, your grandma.

Boyfriends SUCK! Some will just go out with you to make their x-girlfriends jealous! Boyfriends suck!
Right they be bulls---n foreal !?!

I hate math! (Which was right next to- I Love Math! which had been turned into I  Love  Matt!)