September 12, 2012

You can count on change

I handle change about as well as a chicken deals with it's own beheading, and the past five months have been nothing but constant change. There was much running about, but I don't think I bled on anybody. Too much. I have not written in a LONG while for two main reasons: that whole losing-my-head-because-I-was-so-busy-figuring-out-my-life thing, and a strange lethargy that accompanied my unemployment status. Not a good combination of sensations, let me tell ya. I have empathy for those searching for work. Never give up, never surrender, my siblings in suffering!

Here's a quick breakdown for all of you in the mood for an update:
May- Resigned from my job in St. Louis in order to move back to the Northwest to be closer to family. Said goodbye to St. Louis and a wonderful school, full of beautiful teachers and spectacular students.
THE PLAN- Teach in Portland, get my own place and visit family and friends all the time!
Some of my fellow Busch staffers- amazing bunch of educators. 

June- Drove across the country with my sister Corey and father Paul in the winner of the "most cramped cab you can create" contest of moving trucks. Moved in with my sister Caitlin and helped her prepare for baby #2!
THE PLAN- Teach in Portland and help Cait with the babies!

The gang at Chimney Rock.

Can you feel the cramp?

July- Amid my trouble with boys (another change, but not really worth the words it would take to explain), we welcomed Lucia Jean into the waking world. Isn't she a lovely "papoose" baby (as my Mom has taken to calling her)? During this time, I realized getting a job was really hard. Really, really hard. Especially in Portland: too much firing last year to do any external hiring.
THE PLAN- Teach in Oregon or become a substitute...which is about as appealing to me as jumping into shark-infested waters wearing a suit of bloody meat.

August, part 1- Applied for 56 jobs, had no luck but lots of good times with friends, including two beautiful weddings.
THE PLAN- Teach anywhere. Even looked into a position teaching English in China. Kind of defeats the purpose of moving back home though...

Andrea, Alli and I on the waterfront for the 4th of July.
My friend Jessica, looking radiant. Recognize my dress?
August, part 2- While visiting my grandparents in Benton City, WA, I applied at the local middle school because, hey, why not? I got a call a few days later for an interview, after which I was offered the job (that same day). Can I hear a BOOYA?!?!
THE PLAN- Move to Benton City, live with my grandparents, get a Washington teaching licence, and teach Read 180 and ESL.

Here's my classroom (from a few weeks ago).
I was really proud of my word wall.
September- School started off with a great-big-exciting-bang, Benton City has grown on me and my students proved to be a good bunch. I got really excited about the Read 180 program and what it can do for low readers. I even got ideas for teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), of which I have about as much experience as a newborn does at walking.
THE PLAN- Get switched to teaching 7th and 8th grade language arts...wait, what? That wasn't part of the plan!

Fine. Bring it on. It's not like I've had time to settle in or anything. (New classroom pictures to come I guess)

Plans? Ha. I made God laugh a lot this summer. And that's OK. Everything that happened turned out to be wonderful. I'm sure the next big change will bring it's own challenges and rewards too. 

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