April 24, 2012

Kony 2012

KONY 2012
Make him famous. 
You bet your bottom dollar that's my front door.

If you don't know who Joseph Kony is yet, know this: he is a bad man who abducts children and makes them into child soldiers. That's the extremely simplified version.

Invisible Children is a program I joined in high school, and while some have said this program and its videos oversimplify a complicated problem, I think everybody should learn as much as they can about this man and decide for themselves. In the end, that is what the Kony 2012 video is all about: To be more aware of the world, to act as a global community and to do SOMETHING. 

Please watch this video at the Invisible Children website. If you want to know more, watch the second, more detailed video here.  Once you've watched, you'll want to do something. I know I did. So I shared the video with my students. All of them. And now, they're doing something too.

Cover the Night was April 20th, and it was meant to get Kony's name on every street in every major city in the world.
Even Alton, Illinois, which isn't that major. 

While Cover the Night was last week, there is still much to do to stop Kony. My students are hard at work making posters to put up in their neighborhoods, to spread the word even further, and have pledged to talk about this with their parents. I love their fire and passion to be a part of the world (which, if you know any 6th grader, then you know this is a huge step in growing up for them). The best part? They are doing this BY THEMSELVES. All I did was show them the video. It's truly amazing what inspired people can do. I look forward to the conversations this will cause in my classroom: it's higher level thinking! 

Please share this post or the video.

KONY 2012
Make him famous. 

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