February 23, 2012

Random Reviews

I've been out sick with a cold that won't quit lately, hence the lack of any post of substance. This is going to be a random collection of thoughts that might just be interesting to you if you are a movie, TV or book buff. Enjoy!

Nikita- A spy thriller based on the french film "La Femme Nikita," only WAY better. I watched the entire first season in three days (to be fair, one was a Sunday and another a sick day) and still felt like I wanted more. The story lines are interesting and full of great twists, but the best part is the character development. There are a lot of strong female characters in this show who kick butt and take names. I felt strangely vindicated as I sat, sick and dejected on my couch, watching Maggie Lee take down five guys that could have played pro-football with a paperweight wrapped in a towel. Sweet.

The Secret World of Arrietty- An adaptation of the book, The Borrowers, the new Studio Ghibli film has a quiet, calm pace throughout that is simply magical. The movie wrapped me up and transported me into a miniature fantasy land, filled with great details (pay attention to the water droplets) and other-worldly music. I love all the Ghibli films, but this was the closest a movie has ever gotten to the feeling I get when I wrap myself up in a blanket and read a good book- comfy, cozy and imaginative.

Life As We Knew It- I don't know what it is with me and post-apocalyptic books, but I have read five of them in the past three months, the most current being a tale told from the perspective of a 16 year-old-girl after an asteroid crashes into the moon, sending it closer into the earth's orbit. All sorts of strange weather starts spiraling the world Miranda knows into chaos, and she records it in diary format. The style and mood of this book reminded me a lot of the The Road (the most stark and depressingly beautiful survival book ever written in my opinion). It's definitely written for the middle-high school crowd, but if you're into the survival-story-in-strange-circumstances-genre, this is a pretty good choice.

Rifftrax- Brought to you by the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000! If you go to their website, you can download audio files of these VERY FUNNY guys riffing on movies. You play the audio on your computer while you watch the movie normally on your TV, and it's almost like they're in the room, making a horrible movie-going experience hilarious and truly worth while. Corey (my sister) and I have started a weekend routine of watching a movie with Rifftrax playing on the side, the Harry Potter series being our current victim. they've got hundreds of movies to choose from (my definition of heaven). If you're in need of a good laugh, or don't think you can bare watching the new Twilight instillation without some sort of help, I personally recommend the Rifftrax remedy. It does cost about 3-5 dollars to download the audio, just a heads up (it's totally worth it).

These forms of entertainment kept by clogged head above snot level the past few weeks, and if they're awesome when my brain is foggy, chances are, they're going to be spectacular to the fully-functioning mind.

One more thing before I sign off- I made out like a bandit this Valentine's Day. So much for Singles' Awareness Day, I'm going to call it Give Your Teacher Chocolate Day hence-forth. I like that second one so much better...The funny thing about Valentines though...they're really cheesy. I love cheesy. Here's three of my favorites.
Ah, blatant plagiarism, my old friend...

Complete with a parrot tattoo!

Not sure what I think of the DumDum...

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