February 13, 2010

Anything for the kids!

So, my hair's pink. Very pink. So pink in fact that I might glow in the dark a little bit. Why, you ask? Well, it's because my kids are AWESOME!

For some reason, I thought I wasn't busy enough and decided to take on a fundraiser called, 'Pennies for Patients,' which raises funds for patients and families of those with Leukemia or Lymphoma. Although the students at Busch AAA Middle School might not know anyone personally with this type of blood cancer, they took on the challenge of raising $300 and ran with it. Then they kept running. It was a two week long drive, and I thought, "Yeah, my kids may be on free and reduced lunch, they may not wear the best clothes, they may never have a pencil or a notebook, but 300 kids can raise 300 bucks. That's only $1 per person. They can reach that goal." To excite them, I told them that if they raised more than $300, I would dye my hair pink for a week. I should have held out for more.

Within THREE days, the school had raised over $300. Even though we had a snow day the next week, and I'm sure some or my fellow teachers were contributing some of their own money (I know they want to see the fresh blood dye her hair), the kids surpassed my expectations by earning three times as much as I thought they could. The end count? $924. I mean, my kids are AWESOME!! Two other teachers joined the challenge (Mr. Hansen will shave his head and Ms. Ganley will dye her hair purple next week) to keep the kids excited after our first goal was met, but what impressed me the most was the fact that during lunch, twenty or more kids would come into my room, offer to count coins, then sit there, more focused than in class, counting penny by penny (we counted over 22,000 pennies alone).

A lot of money went through my room and I'm sure the temptation was there, but my students, and the students who brought the money to school, showed an amazing amount of character, honesty and charity towards their fellow man (though it probably didn't hurt that teachers were going to forsake their vanity). The kids may not be able to sit quietly on a bus or in a classroom, but their actions in this fundraiser made me feel a great deal of hope and pride in our next generation.

Now, I've been rather visually silent about how my classroom looks, so I uploaded a few photos for you all to see me in my natural habitat. No kids though- got to protect their privacy.

The Reader's Wall
    My messy desk. It's an organized chaos.
The classroom library.
 Back of the room, complete with chalkboard and desk group.

I look rather small in this photo.

The score board for the penny compitition.        
Letting a little bit of my wild side show.