August 16, 2009

Twas the night before school started....

This is my classroom!! Keep in mind I took these pictures yesterday, and did a LOT of work on it today, added six desks, and cleaned- so it looks a bit different now. But I love my room and my school and I hope that the kids enjoy my room too, because all of the hours and long nights were spent for them.

I just had to take a moment out of making assignment logs and parent letters to write to all of the very important people in my life and say OH MY FREAKIN' GOODNESS, I'M GOING TO BE A TEACHER TOMORROW! This is the last night of my life before teaching. When I wake up tomorrow, I will start a new segment of my life, taking the big step into a role I have been working towards for the past four and a half years. I could write a few key expletives at this moment to impart just how BIG this is, but I'll leave my choice words to your imagination.
I am very stressed (won't get much sleep tonight), but also surprisingly calm (which is awesome-I'm just not used to this sensation). I know those two don't really go together, but it sort of feels like this: I am scatterbrained and can't concentrate on conversations, yet I know tomorrow is going to happen and it will be OK. My mantra right now is that my 6th graders will be more nervous than I am...I hope.
Before the big plunge tomorrow, I wanted to update you on all of the very important things that have happened in my life since last I wrote. First and foremost- bugs. Not your ordinary, average, everyday fly or ant- I mean BUGS. Let's start with the most disturbing. Cockroaches. These unnerving things have very little going for them on the scale of being liked- a huge yuck factor, often equated with dirty, rotting things, they run in a fast zig-zag formation which means they KNOW you want to kill them, and even their name is rough and abrasive. I have never really experienced the joy of cockroaches before and have found more than I care to tell in my classroom, among other places. Don't get me wrong, my room is a clean place, cockroaches are just EVERYWHERE. Yuck.
Cicadas. Holy Smokes those are the loudest bugs I have ever heard! When I arrived here with Caitlin after our three day trek, the very first thing I said after getting out of the car was, "Oh, some one's alarm is going off." To which Caitlin replied, "No Jess, that's a bug." I have come to enjoy the clicking, multi-pitched hum (or wail) of the cicadas- especially since they turn off at night and don't disturb my sleep.
Silver fishes. As common as ear-wigs in the North West, but boy, do these things give me the willies! These aren't shrunken blast-ended screwts like ear-wigs, these are hairy, multi-million legged worms that move like really small snakes across the floor when you turn on the light (they scatter like cockroaches, which I have now had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes as well). Normally I would be fascinated by the three inch whiskers on one of these guys, but when you turn on the bathroom light in the morning and a four inch long silver fish slithers under the radiator, just daring you to enter the bathroom with your bare feet so it can do something nefarious to your toes, well, the interest turns into horror. You just can't find these things in Washington.
Moving onto a much more pleasant topic- Bird Poop. Let's just say my street has been inhabited by the poopiest birds I have ever seen in my entire life. What do these things eat?!?! I swear, I would park my clean car under a tree for ONE night, and in the morning my car would have a new paint job. One person on the street has left their car under a tree for a month and it used to be red. Now it is completely white. I have started parking my car around the corner where there aren't trees because even the car wash can't get the poop off! So, not only is the poop plentiful, it's hardy. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My neighbors have taken the situation into their own hands and instead of shooting the birds like some of the men wanted to do, they shot bottle rockets into the trees at dusk for three nights in a row. It was quite the party, with fireworks going off, people drinking beer and smoking on their porches (great combination), all watching out for the police because the rockets do sound like gun shots.
Changing course dramatically- if any of you have simple recipes that you'd like to share for diners, dishes or deserts, please send them my way. To my profound surprise, I enjoy cooking for myself and am not too bad at it. It only takes about five times of cooking it for me to get a dish right ;-)
To end on a VERY happy note- I get to cat-sit my landlord's cats for a month! And I get paid for it (a job I would have happily done for free). I miss animals SOO much it hurts. I think, once I have time (HA HA HA HA!), I will be a volunteer at the Humane Society, getting my weekly dose of animal fur.
Next time I'm sure I will have student stories to share...all of which I hope will be funny and delightful...not the other way around....Think good thoughts for me, and know that all of you are also in my prayers!


  1. Jessie my girl,
    You will be AWESOME. Remember, "Have fun with kids today" and I promise, it only gets better!
    Love you to bits,

  2. GOOD LUCK MY DEAR!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!