June 7, 2009


I have great news! Not only have I found a house but I also have a job! The house is a gorgeous, turn of the century, 5bdrm slice of heaven (Please see the picture), located in Tower Grove Park. That is a safe and upbeat neighborhood in the southern-middle part of St. Louis where many TFAers live. My four roommates and I are still working on signing the lease, which against all advice is two years long, but hopefully we'll have everything set by the end of June. My JOB is at Fanning Middle School, about nine blocks from our beautiful house. It's a public school with a lot of other TFA placements, a very intense and supportive principal and great staff. Everyone I talk to with experience in the STLPS district says, "Oh, that's a great school!" so I have high hopes. I will be teaching either 7th or 8th grade English in a very diverse atmosphere with kids from Africa, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Korea, China, and America (in all different shades and sizes)- I simply can't wait!

There is one problem though- the job is not set in stone until my placement has been confirmed by the School District, which means I will not know for SURE until the first day of school whether this is my job or not. I really want this job and this house, so, again, prayers are always welcome. Thanks, because I know all your prayers and good thoughts make a difference. I really am on my own now- a grown up with a house and a job in a new city. Growing up is hard to do, though they never tell you that as a kid- it's all about being big enough to go on the rides at the theme park, or to wear the fancy clothes, or get to play with the really big toys. Once you have grown up you realize that being an adult certainly has its benefits, but responsibility is hard.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a kid and not have to worry about getting from one point to another without a car, trying to figure out a lease, or interviewing for a job. While I've legally been an adult for four years now, this is the first time I've ever felt grown up because I actually have to take care of myself. However, the dreams of growing up aren't all delusions- the freedom of choosing where I want to live, the joy of getting a job that I earned and wasn't given because I knew some body's uncle, and that promise of a first check from a first ever salary make all the new responsibility worth while.

I'm now in Atlanta, GA for Institute (training and teaching summer school), a huge city that is very pretty and, from what I've heard, has a lot to offer. I only arrived today, so I wouldn't really know, but I intend to do some serious exploring in the plethora of free-time that we have (sarcasm- every minute of every day for the next five weeks is planned out-I shall have to use my time very wisely). It was strange to see everyone from St. Louis again, because now that we're with four other corps cities, knowing each other among strangers has made friendships cement after only a week or so. No complaints there! Everyone I've met is so friendly, outgoing and supportive. I love it.

I start in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow with my bus departing promptly at 6:20 (it's left people behind before), and training lasts until 6pm. And yes, I am three hours ahead of west coast time. WOOHOO!!! Better finish up my laundry and get to bed.

PS- sleep is just wonderful. And now I know I need nine hours to function properly. Oi vay.

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    I just want to say I am SOOOO Proud of you! All my thoughts and prayers are flying your way! Love ya loads!