May 27, 2009

Before the plunge!

Hello to all!

I hope this can be an exciting medium to keep up communication with everyone- we'll see how it goes! This is officially my first ever blog posting- never really thought of myself as a blogger- too easily mis-spelled as booger. Right now I'm sitting in an Internet cafe in Port Angeles, WA, trying to get everything done before I fly out to St. Louis for Induction and then onto Atlanta, Georgia for Institute. For those of you who don't know, Institute is a huge summer school program that last for six weeks that helps TFAers earn a temporary teaching licence. It will be pretty much review for me as I graduated on May 3rd with an Oregon Teaching Licence (Woohoo!!), but you can never get enough training or time with kids. A good teacher never stops learning!

I will also be teaching summer school classes during this time- get a feel for the area and what my students will be like- interviewing for a specific teaching position and trying to find a house (think good thoughts for me please!). My living situation seems good right now: I'm not too worried. Though the St. Louis Public School District has cut back on 350 positions due to their shrinking student population, I have high hopes that I will find a job before the first day of school. However, any prayers or good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Well, life has been great so far in my short summer, and I am so excited for what's to come I don't know whether to jump for joy or throw up...we'll see what happens soon!

Love you lots!